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Each day now I'll be working on writing around 75 articles for my social commentary blog. They tend to be around 2000-3000 words rather than the media industry's typical 800-1400 words and they take 5-8 hours to write.


I have more followers on gab than I do on twitter lol despite me joining twitter in 2009 and gab in 2016


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April 2022 blogging

  • Finish writing around 75 blog posts
  • Create an online sociology magazine with 12 blog articles
  • Write programming tutorials on my blog, more specifically about PHP
  • Make a new website theme with original design

April 2022

  • Update my first non-fiction book with a 2nd edition
  • Start selling ebooks for all my existing paperbacks
  • Release my first album Steel Crate [album preview]


It's ongoing because I got stuck so I'm getting other people to help me.

  • Release software¬†Sugar Chat
  • Finish making wordpress themes
  • Finish making dokuwiki themes

Tynamite posts updates of what he's doing on Twitter.

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