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Braeteon is a book publisher and record label that publishes experimental books and hypnotic or jarring music.

Heroes For Hire

Heroes For Hire is a creative agency made by Jungle

Side Projects

Tynamite left a business run by my brother Jungle called Side Projects that does events and collaborative activism. They run can run their own events and do promotions for it, or hijack other people's events. The collaborative activism is for anything you want to do. It has no internet presence, only exists on the streets, and uses phone calls, whatsapp, email, facebook messages, posters, flyers and business cards. The business is so mysterious, that not even I know who is in it and what it does. I quit the company after 8 months, but I use them for my events and music videos.

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Tynamite is a web developer, writer, music producer, podcaster and piano player.

Read more about me on my blog.


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