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A startup is a website that allows the general public to input content using a keyboard, mouse or file upload, and send it to someone else, to faciliate communication. The content can be public or private.

The first startups were the email providers, and now we have them in social networks, chat rooms and video sharing.


Compesh is a freedom of speech, question and answer website. It has a debates, questions, groups and blogging feature. It is an alternative to Yahoo Answers and Quora, both which are plagued with censorship, incessant attention seeking and low quality answers. Compesh is designed to allow opinions from all points of the spectrum and be contributive and make the world smaller.


Dripbite is a place, a Pinterest alternative where you share images and text with the world that you like, products, memes, fashion, whatever. I made it because I got banned from Pinterest for having two boards called "red pill memes" and "donald trump is the best".


Fresherplay is a music discovery and promotion website, designed to give lesser known musicians exposure. Listen to discover and rate new music. This is music democracy.

Your Price

Your Price is a Get Paid To website, where people Get Paid To visit web pages, watch videos, complete surveys, post on forums and complete tasks.

Your Price is also a market research company where students, individuals and companies can get X amount of responses to their survey for an affordable price.

A trade secret fraud prevention system is used to prevent customers from getting junk answers to their surveys. Your Price has identified 33% of its users as fraudulent.