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Right now I'm writing my refutal to a preliminary interpretation for an observational study by 2 linguists. I've written 7000 words so far, the equivalent of 20% of a non-fiction book.

  • Mr Lender

I write fiction books in the contemporary fiction genre, not to be confused with young adult.

For non-fiction I write in the sociology genre, more specifically functionalism (social patterns).

  • Familiarity Breaks
  • Leah Behind a Fence
  • An Introduction to Rasa Routing

There are 3 books on Amazon using the anonymous pseudonym Richard Templar which are plagiarism of my fleeting, disjointed and incoherent free content

  • The Rules of People
  • The Rules of Wealth
  • The Rules of Life
Copy Editing
  • Internet culture journalist Christie Barakat from Italy [draft article] [portfolio]
  • Affiliate marketing company run by Jimmy Thio from Indonesia. It had no website and was a secret facebook group.

I've done songwriting for my album. This would include toplining as for my first album I wrote the lyrics after the beat or backing track was produced.

  • Broad City
  • Doctor Who 2018
  • An episode of Trending Live on 4Music in 2018
Web Page Writing Experience


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