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Jungle from his business Side Projects made an episode of Trending Live which aired on 4Music, of which the people in the episode act like me Tynamite and use elements of my life and get inspiration from my creations. As Jungle knows me the most, the idea for the episode obviously came from him. It took BI Podcast into a live action format, so it was the equivalent of BI Live which I devised as a child.

The purpose of such an episode is to reverse the homogenised culture on tv/music/film/radio, bring in something fresh, and reverse the brainwashing.

I can’t find a tv rip anywhere.

Tynamite (television) 2018


  • Mr Lender
An Introduction to Rasa Routing

This is Tynamite's first non-fiction book, and it is about sociology, social skills, but mostly philosophy about how he sees the world. Reading this book will help you look at the world and your peers using the same "lens" that Tynamite does.

Cover illustration by Luke Boulton Smith


Braeteon is a book publisher and record label that publishes experimental books and hypnotic or jarring music.

Copy Editing

My writing experience consists of


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Editing Clients
  • Christie Barakat
Familiarity Breaks

Genre: Urban life

Sheridon is typical teenage boy; he's popular and likeable. But for some strange reason, things are going bad for him and things are going to happen to him.

This is the story of a teenage boy and what happens to him over the course of ten days as a result of his actions. The butterfly effect of cause and causality force Sheridon to live out the aftermath, keeping the reader guessing at every step. 

Leah Behind a Fence

Genre: Urban life

There's a secret garden known by few. Nobody knows what it looks like, or why it's a secret. All they know, is that it's a secret; that's the people I heard talking about it. I try to go there for myself one day to see why this secret is talked about so covetously and highly.

Tynamite's blog

Tynamite writes social commentary articles that show how he sees the world, group behaviour in particular as he likes sociology and functionalism (how people behave in groups).

Unknown Steps

Jungle has a blog that is mostly about magic.

Writers Cafe

View some spare writing on my Writers Cafe account that didn't fit into a book.